Tuesday, November 4, 2008

'I'll Be Bert' latest

The 'I'll be Bert' tour was affected by Bill having a spell in hospital but he bounced back to perform in Manchester to an appreciative audience.

Future dates for the tour are as follows:
31 January Barnfield Theatre, Exeter 01392 270891
14 February The Tower, Winchester 01962 867986

Below is one of the many possitive reviews received from Manchester:

My wife and I saw the play at the Garrick Stockport on 29th October 2008.We both thought it was brilliant and really enjoyed the play and the superb acting. I also enjoyed the images of Main Road.The play was very funny and it also painted a very accurate picture of life in the 50's and demonstrated how much things have changed in less than a life time, all cleverly woven around the story of unlikely hero BertI was 10 years old at the time of the 56 cup final and remember it vividly. I listened to the radio for the results of each round. I particularly remember that the Southend pitch was a mud bath and then the disallowed after time Liverpool "equaliser".My father went to both Wembley finals and came home in tears both times but for different reasons. He lost his trilby at the 56 final throwing it the air at the final whistle along with thousands of others. He wore the biggest rosette, home made, that I have ever seen.My wife who I only recently managed to get interested in City and became a season ticket holder only last year also thoroughly enjoyed, even though I used a bit of subterfuge by not mentioning who the Bert was when I told her I had got tickets for the pay. She was quite surprised to see books of Bert for sale in the Theatre and even more surprised when some of the audience turned up adorned in City scarves. The game was up when she saw a City scarf hung up on the stage. Fortunately the play was so brilliant I escaped the frosty silence usually associated with my wrong doings.Another guy in the audience would not have been so lucky. He used the same subterfuge as myself but his wife was less forgiving. She went berserk in the ladies at half time saying she had been conned. My wife listened patiently to her ratings and then simply said "yes I do see your point but it is a very funny play you must be enjoying it". "I am" she replied. A really good evening spoiled only by a typical City result at Middlesbrough, yet again snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.Kind regards, Dave Tracey

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